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Thank you to all who supported Fr. John's Community Dinner!!
With your help, the Knights of Columbus and our Church raised over $1000 for the Davie Advocacy Center!


On MAY 7th we will be having a MAY FIESTA starting at 2PM!
This will be a combination of an "Around the  World Party" and "Cinco de Maya" rolled into one!  There will be a wide variety of Food available, fun and games!
This event is a fundraiser to build a

Parish Picnic Pavilion for St. Francis Church!!

St. Francis SCHOLARSHIP DINNER & Night at the Races:
June 3, 2017, 6PM

Join us for a fun-filled evening with dinner, auction prizes and "Night at the Races" where we have a lot of fun and raise funds to help St. Francis of Assisi kids attend college!!


Join St. Francis of Assisi and the KofC on Friday, June 8th at the Winston-Salem Dash Baseball game for a night of family fun!  Included with our tickets are complementary Dash Hats and Fireworks after the game!  We will be honoring disabled veteran's at this game as well!  Contact Tony Palozzolo or Jay Niland to get your tickets.


The St. Francis of Assisi Knights of Columbus Council is spearheading an effort to build a
Family Pavilion
for the Parishioners of St. Francis Church!!
Please help us in our fundraising efforts as this endeavor will benefit ALL of our church family!!

Thank you for your support!!

3 St. Francis of Assisi Faith Formation Students Recieve Award
from the Knights of Columbus STATE council for best posters for
"Keeping Christ in Christmas"

The Knights of Columbus is an organization of catholic men that began in 1882 by Fr. Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, CT.  He formed this organization to help the plight of catholic families of the day and especially to give them some recourse if the husband--typically the primary breadwinner--passed away, usually through harsh work environments. 

Today the Knights of Columbus is the largest catholic fraternal orgainization in the world at 1.9 million members.  Its goal is to serve their parishes, support the families of the fallen, and help the communities in which they are located.

The K-of-C also has one of the largest, private insurance companies (i.e. no Wall Street stockholders) in the world, the protection from which is only available to its members.  With a AAA rating and over $100 BILLION in strength, it can guarantee significant annuity investments and protect the families of fallen members.

If you have any questions or interested in membership please feel free to contact Grand Knight Jay Niland Thank You!

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The St. Francis of Assisi Prayer Garden completed with efforts from our
Knights of Columbus Council!!
Picture Courtesy of David Graham


All K-of-C / St. Francis upcoming events are also listed in the Church calendar page and in the Church bulletin.
Or you may go to our website.

Please | CLICK HERE | to go to our church calendar page.

If you are interested in joining our Knights of Columbus council, please contact Grand Knight Jay Niland Thank You!

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The St. Francis of Assisi Council #12610 gives out two to three scholarships each year to children of parishioners.  More information will be be posted as this becomes available, or see our primary website:



Supreme Council's National Website North Carolina State Council
North Carolina Membership Degree Opportunities
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